Our Service

We do all interior works

We are an all-in-one stop company, major in carpentry works and we undertake part or full scale for all interior works.

  1. Residential – Interior and exterior make-over, renovation and fitting-out. A&A, reconstruction and rebuilding (work with third party engineer & architects).
  2. Commercial – Interior works for office, restaurants, café, canteen, eating house, retail shop and hospitalities (work with third party engineer & architects).
  3. Interim upgrade – Interior works for temporary office, reinstatement job and events.


As we customised all our end product, so there isn’t any ready finish product that can buy off the shelf and install immediately. From scratch, each project will take about 3 to 8 weeks to complete small projects and 3 months and more to complete a bigger scale project.

How We Work For You

  • Step 1 WE Listen – Full attention to your wants and needs
  • Step 2 WE PlanBase on your given information + our improvisation, we create a well sorted out layout plan with proposed ceiling and lighting plan for you.
  • Step 3 WE CreateBase on the confirmed layout and quotation, we create 3D perspective for visualisation and material confirmation.
  • Step 4 WE Build – We customise and construct the confirmed drawing base on agreed requirements, design, functional and site measurement.
  • Step 5 WE Deliver – We deliver and install at site within schedule, check size, sealed joints, beautifully and clean finish.